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Kifune and Kurama, two towns in the northern part of Kyoto, are the birthplace of KIFUNE Cosmetics. They are known as religious towns, with over 1,000 years of history. Kifune mountain stream is the origin in Kamo River which flows through Kyoto. Kifune is famed for its water, and Kurama for the Kurama Fire Festival; therefore, Kifune enshrines the water god and Kurama the fire god. The area maintains the balance of the most eminent power spots in Japan.

The woods around this area are home to trees that look like dragons. It seems that the trees have been influenced by magnetism in the ground, which twisted them as they grew. Moreover, there are uncanny sights like tree roots that crawl in every direction along the ground, and different kinds of trees that have tangled together over the years so that they grow as a single tree. Such bizarre and mysterious scenery is rarely seen anywhere, and that is why this place has been known as a power spot for thousands of years.

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