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KIFUNE COSMETICS is a company manufacturing


a unique line of beauty products of exceptional purity.

Their exclusive ingredient is water drawn from

sacred springs located in the mountains surrounding Kyoto,

in the Kifune / Kurama area.

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The water used in all our cosmetic products is drawn

only at full moon to maximize its biodynamic properties,

making it both spiritually and energetically charged.

The local Shinto shrine, Kifune Shrine, is actually

dedicated to the water deity of Japan,

and is the fountainhead of all the water in Kyoto.

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In fact, the entire area of Kifune / Kurama is imbued

with a particular spiritual energy.

This dates back to the founding of Kyoto some 1,200 years ago.

At that time, the emperor used Feng Shui to select

the site of the future city,

marking out its center and the four cardinal points;

the North, which is the Kifune / Kurama region,

came under the auspices of the Black Tortoise,

which remains its holy animal symbol to this day.

Kifune’s sister town, Kurama, has its own claim to fame,

being the birthplace of Reiki.

It is said that Mikao USUI, the founder of Reiki,

discovered the therapy in 1922 when,

after fasting and meditating in the mountains of Kurama,

he was suddenly able to heal himself of his ailments.

With the water deity of Japan being enshrined

next to the birthplace of Reiki,

we aspire to infuse each product in the

UGENTA ORIGINAL COSMETICS line with the richness of it's source.

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Our cosmetics bring out the fine, flawless skin that Japanese women are famous for.

They combine the highest quality ingredients with

thousand-year-old traditions of Kyoto and innovative,

cutting-edge technology.

We hope that the power of ki energy will be felt

through the use of all our cosmetics.

A few words about the name of our product line:

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UGENTA is a family name that stretches back

eleven generations to the early 17th century.

One of my ancestors, Bishop UGENTA,

was a member of the Kifune Shrine priesthood,

and I am honored to bring that extra dimension to our company.

Kifune-Cosmetics UGENTA, Inc.

Cosmetics operation division

27 Kurama-Kifune Sakyo Kyoto, Japan.


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