"KIFUNE", usually written with the characters for "precious" and "ship" can also be written with the characters for "spirit","birth",and "root", meaning "the land that brings forth energy".

Just as water washes away dirt, it also cleanses us of the "dirt" of everyday stress that clings to us.

If you "reset" yourself, you may find new energy welling up inside you.

Water,the origin of life.

Is the key to recovery of one’s spirit and physical body.

Pure water has been worshiped from time immemorial,

both in Asia and the West as a god who performs miracles.

The word Kifune "yellow boat"can also be

written Kifune"root of spiritual power" .

Kifune has plenty of underround streams,

which is why Kifune shrine was built there to worship the water god.

The holy water that washes away stagnation and revives

the pure mind has the power to carve out one’s future.

They say the water here can help one realize desires, such as marriage,

business success and prosperity.

Many famous and powerful people have visited Kifune shrine in the past,

including 10th century author Murasaki Shikibu,

General Minamoto Yoshitsune and the Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu.

Nowadays, The Imperial family of Japan are frequent visitors,

and many people come to the shrine as pilgrims.










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