Ugenta before becoming a company.

The Torii family company adopted the name “Ugenta” and took

its name from the family of artisans who worked diligently in the service of Kifune Shrine.

Kifune Shrine was established 1600 years ago by the goddess Tamayori-hime,

and as one of the most important shrines in Japan,

it is revered as the main shrine of the water gods,

managing 500 affiliated shrines across the country.

弊社鳥居家は代々屋号を「右源太 」と名乗り、貴船神社の社家を努めてきました。


名神大社という最も高い格式に列し、 全国に五百の末社を擁す日本水神の総本宮として崇敬を集めました。

 During the Heian Period (794-1185),

 Kifune shrine came under the auspices of Kamigamo Shrine. 

 However, in 1635, Kifune Shrine challenged the authority of Kamigamo Shrine,

 but in decisions handed down from the 1660s through the 1760s,

 Kifune lost the suit. Three representatives of the Kifune priesthood, including Ugenta,

 fell on their own swords on the banks of the Kamo River.


 寛永十二年、貴船は 上賀茂を相手取って訴訟を起こしましたが、 寛文・元文・宝暦年間に下され た判決で敗訴し、


     In 1871, the new government of the Meiji Emperor,

     in accordance with its seizure of temples and shrines,

     also confiscated the land of Kifune Shrine,

     and it came under the direct management of Kyoto Prefecture.

     Kifune Shrine’s 700-year relationship with Kamigamo Shrine ended

     and its independence restored.


        七百年に及ぶ上賀茂との摂社関係も終わり、 貴船神社は独立を取り戻すことが出来ました。


Ugenta as a start-up company.

However, along with its independence,

the hereditary priesthood of Kifune Shrine was disbanded.

The Ugenta family,

now unemployed, sold lumber and charcoal from the mountains,

living off of the resources from the forest.

90 years later, in 1962, my mother started up an eatery and inn.

By 2009, the Ugenta Inn and eatery esthetics were incorporated into

the original KIFUNE Cosmetics using the water of KIFUNE.

This was the beginning of present-day KIFUNE Cosmetics.


そして90年後の昭和37年、 私の母が飯屋と宿屋を始めます。





Current representative,

Torii Ugenta Hiroyuki

当代 鳥居 右源太 宏行

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