KIFUNE cosmetics started from a desire of make the best use of the pure, natural spring water that flows from Kifune and the products of Kyoto for creating and maintaining beautiful skin.



Cosmetics brands from Kyoto draw out the fine, rich skin that the Japanese are famous for.

KIFUNE cosmetics, made by combining the highest quality materials and 1,000-year-old traditions of Kyoto,

combined with innovative technology.



KIFUNE cosmetics were born at Kifune, home to the holy Kifune natural spring, famous as a source of Ki energy.

We hope you will feel the power of Ki energy on your skin when you use these cosmetics.



KIFUNE cosmetics are a fusion of Kyoto’s traditional products and the latest technology.

Water from Kifune, GreenTea from Uji, Sake from Hokusetsu brewing,Black soybeans from Tanba,

Yukinoshita which is a medicinal herb,are traditional special products from Kyoto and Japanese every place.

KIFUNE cosmetics use as their raw materials Kyoto’s traditional products.

KIFUNE cosmetics are leading to ageless, enriched skin.




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